LaCrecia Steward

As a teenager, LaCrecia Steward had a love for all things about beauty and fashion.  She dreamed of attending cosmetology school. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to because of her job. Not being able to accomplish that goal didn’t stop her from pursuing other goals. 

LaCrecia Steward is the owner of Lash Studio 214 Beauty & Training Academy. She opened the academy in October 2020. It is the first private secondary cosmetology School in East Texas. It is the only school in that area that provides eyelash extension training. After attending the training academy, completing the course, and passing the written and practical exams you will be licensed to perform eyelash extensions in the state of Texas.

When LaCrecia opened her lash studio; she wanted to help aspiring lash techs who did not have a license in cosmetology or esthetics. Two of her friends in the beauty industry saw talent in LaCrecia and told her that she should start a lash school. The conversation helped her realize that, in her area, people were driving 100 plus miles to take a 2 day certificate training class. Many also didn’t realize they needed more than a certificate to perform lash services. LaCrecia sought to educate and mentor future lash artists. 

The first step that LaCrecia took was deciding if there was a need for her type of beauty school in her area. Next, she had to find a building for her academy and a team to help run her business. She had friends in the beauty industry, but nobody was interested in lash extensions. Prayer is how she overcame this obstacle. She asked God to place the right people in her life. She knew she wasn’t going to let discouragement cause her to give up. 

A typical day running her business consists of answering emails and phone calls. She attends meetings and conducts interviews. Networking is a big part of her day. When networking she is able to get the word out and bring in prospective students. She’s learning to ask for help and how to delegate more. “You can’t grow an empire by yourself!” says LaCrecia.

For inspiration, LaCrecia listens to Mike and Shauna’s podcast. They are the owners of LivBay Lash, formerly Sassy Lashes. On the podcast they talk about their struggles starting a business without money. Their struggles were similar to LaCrecia’s struggles. Listening to the podcast she learned that consistency is key to a successful business. Listening inspired her to keep pushing and have faith that her struggles won’t break her. 

In the next few years, LaCrecia plans to expand and be able to offer various short term beauty programs and courses. She wants to be able to keep up with the needs of customers. The beauty industry changes often and LaCrecia wants to leave no stone unturned. 

When you attend Lash Studio 214 Beauty and Training Academy you can expect to get professional training. You will learn to install lashes properly and be ready for the professional industry. LaCrecia encourages questions in hopes that students leave feeling confident in the skills they have learned.

To GET PLUGGED IN with LaCrecia Steward check out her Instagram, and visit Lash Studio 214 Beauty and Training Academy’s website.


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