LaToyia S. Jordan

For years, women’s voices were silenced. Women were held back from showing their full potential because they showed so much potential. Luckily, times have changed. Now, women run businesses and don’t let anything get in the way of them being their best self. LaToyia S. Jordan showcases these women in her magazine, BAM Woman Magazine.

LaToyia is an all around entrepreneur who describes herself as a visionary. She is the founder of “I Am Beautiful Movement”, the CEO of Toyia Thrives Enterprises and BAM Woman Magazine. She has a fierce love for empowering girls. She is dedicated to educating young girls about the many issues they face such as self confidence, self esteem, and health and beauty. LaToyia enjoys finding innovative ways to bring ladies and women of all walks of life together. She creates events and webinars to teach young ladies and women how to dress for an interview, create bio/marketing sheets, create vision boards, journal thoughts, and the importance of having professional images. 

2020 came through with a bang. Many businesses, unfortunately, had to close because of the covid-19 pandemic. In order to keep her business running, LaToyia reached out to Jennifer Roberson and asked her to conduct virtual interviews. This was a life saver. This is also how LaToyia and Jennifer became business partners. 

BAM Woman Magazine stands for Beautiful Ambitious & Movitivated Woman. Behind the magazine are these talented women. Jennifer Robinson, lead editor and interviewer, LaCrecia Steward, Beauty Editor, Sherri Braxton, Fitness Editor, Maleesha Jordan, Intern and Content Creator, Dr. Jennifer Jackson, Health and Wellness Editor, Dr. Khalilah Camacho Ali, Entertainment and Travel Contributor. WOW! That’s some serious black girl magic!

The magazine offers a way for women to showcase their businesses and share their journey through a magazine feature and interview. Within the past year, the magazine has grown tremendously with over 120 features. BAM provides bio features, article features, virtual and podcast interviews, swag bags opportunities, brand photoshoots, PR services and so much more! Their goal is to encourage women entrepreneurs to be comfortable talking about their businesses in front of a camera or when speaking to others in person. They also want women to have fun professional photos available. Social media is a big part of branding your business, but it is not the only way. That’s what BAM Woman Magazine wants to open your eyes to. 

Most of the ladies on the team work a regular 9 to 5 job. They work on the magazine as they work their jobs. Even though this can be difficult when you are passionate about what you do, you don’t let life stop you. They all look forward to helping women entrepreneurs everywhere. 

For LaToyia, working with adult entrepreneurs was a lot to get used to. It was a challenge for her because she was so used to working with girls and their parents. Adjusting to this was difficult, but it didn’t stop her. She kept striving and learning along the way. Through this journey she lost a few friendships, but she gained amazing new like-minded friendships. She believes people come into your life for a reason, moment, season or lifetime. She is thankful for the ones who have crossed her path. 

In 2021 BAM Woman Magazine hosted their first fashion show that was a success. They honored two locals, Diana Lopez and Bojack Allen, who made a huge impact in the Eastern Texas community. This was a proud moment for the BAM team and there will be plenty of more in the future. 

If you have dreams of being an entrepreneur, LaToyia has some advice for you. “If God has given you a vision. Don’t sit on it. Pray about it, act on it & watch it manifest into reality. Also, make sure you get around like-minded individuals who are smarter and know more than you. It’s okay to say, No! Listen and serve!”

To get Plugged In with BAM Woman Magazine check out their, website, Instagram , Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also email them at


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