Joseph Robinson

Joseph Robinson aka JayRich is a talk show host who got his start from writing for Hip Hop publications such as HipHopdx, Ballerstatus, and He enjoyed interviewing various artists but felt the conversations were lacking. Joseph felt he couldn’t connect with the people he was interviewing and the interviews became tiresome.

Wanting to have real conversations with people, Joseph came up with The Atlanta Late Night Show. The show operates as a parody of late night talk shows. It is centered on having real conversations and allowing people to express themselves without restraints. In person interactions bring Joseph more satisfaction and lets him connect to the person he is interviewing. 

Joseph’s days consist of editing, planning, posting on social media and making sure he is ready for the next show. On the show you can expect to express what’s on your mind and talk about a wide variety of topics such as code switching, unwritten rules of comedy, finishing moves in wrestling and childhood trauma. You can have a serious moment and a funny moment next. 

People who have been on the show find they are comfortable being honest and transparent. After wrapping up an interview many people go to Joseph and say that they had a great time. They are also shocked because he made them comfortable while talking about deep topics.

Joseph has a gift for bringing out the best conversations in people. He enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life. He isn’t afraid to fail because he knows he has the capability to find new ways to keep going. 

In the future, Joseph plans on expanding The Atlanta Late Night Show by having more frequent live show audiences. 

To get plugged in with Joseph and The Atlanta Late Night Show check out his Instagram , Tik Tok and Youtube.

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