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Uncapping The Obvious As Lady Bosses In Business

By: Mareka Haynes

Our dress, our walk and our domination!

It’s 2021 Y’all! Women are rising to the occasion whilst men watch on….Some are fabulous at cheering us on in our dominance, in our respective industries, others? Well, it’s been a chore to watch at our consistency and know that they could have done more. But, I told you so!

Our Dress,

Women have a fabulous way of staying sophisticated in some of the most drab situations. They have taught themselves that broke, sick or rich – image is everything! This may or may not be a bad thing, as it’s in the lowest of moments when the Biggest opportunities present themselves.

Our Walk!

Again, women were made to be resilient. Check us during childbirth, family loss, job loss and other situations where others result in merely making it. There is something about bouncing back that gives a woman a thrill, an excitement that no one else could provide. We were made to conquer, yet, we still need to reserve our hunger and exchange it for humility when giving men the respect they deserve as earthly Kings.

Our dominance

If dominance was a person, it would be a woman! Whew! Chile, if you only know the small extremities that many women face daily. Some from very young ages, others only when they have reached adult stages. Nonetheless, dominating in any area calls for patience, resilience, consistent motivation in your spirit, mind and body and you are willing to cheer on yourself even if you don’t have a huge pack of girlfriends doing so for you.  In movie terms, I believe Angela Bassett has successfully dominated the movie screen representation as a strong woman and held her own consistently. 

Note To Self

Take these wonderful examples of strong women and habits to light the way of your own success. Your vision is HUGE, your possibilities are Endless and your play area is vast and wide! 

Join us next time for another motivational piece!


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You are Enough

By: Patrice Rivers aka Lyrical Passion

What is the definition of the phrase “You can’t?”

Does that even exist or should it exist in the dictionary of negative phrases?

What do you mean I can’t?

I will and can!

No matter how many times the world or people tries to knock you down and bury you more than six feet

The revolutionary of the man who always says “You can’t”

Two words that will remain soaked in our memories

The one and only who became our enemy

A negative vibe that is stuck in our soul ready to explode

What type of world do we live in where possibilities become vacant realities? 

Or opportunities that become false tales?

You can be anything you set your mind to and do the same job just as good

Girlfriend if you want to create your own lane and show the world that you got this

Then go for it without all the negativity and being on all the naysayer’s list

Chin up high

Head tilted towards the heavenly skies

Man please!

I’m a person walking on water 

Invisible woman I am an undercover disguise

Create your own dreams and opportunities and allow nothing or no one to stop you dead in your tracks

Some people will start to hate and some just don’t know how to be happy or know how to act

This world can be a cruel to the heart and mind

Depression still eating and taking lives

Mental health isn’t a joke so why do people continue to poke?

Why continue to play with our emotions just like riding on a deadly roller coaster?

We have feelings and we can dream and visualize as much as we want

A strong man or woman will continue to rise from the burnt ashes taking their rightful place in this world mixed with divided frustrations

Under a stressful nation

Stop trying to please people who wants to be people pleasers

You got this in the bag without putting on a show or being a teaser

When you feel like you aren’t enough and try to do things to gain people’s attention

Realizing later down the line that your mind and soul is now disturbed

A terrible redemption. 

So why do we continue to beat ourselves up to fit into society where sometimes we are wanted

Egos are boosted all the time

Don’t believe me?

Ask social media because people are seeking the validation of others

But really it’s going to start messing with minds or another

Remember You Are Enough!



By: Johnathan Brantley

The enemy of progress is rejection of correction making this adjustment is the key to reflection knowing what to change

You may feel it in your chest as a tightness you can’t explain something real so surreal like it is imprinted on your brain

Start where the head is and move to the feet change your direction an do not repeat feel your soul as it gets set free

From the pole in the sole of the tamed mans feet walk with weighted steps to the freedom he seek

Running to place where bound men speak free of the chains of the ways they should be

A Positive Future

A democracy, by definition, is a government for the people, voted by the people to elect governing representatives. When I was initially approached to write a piece regarding the 2020 presidential election, I was hesitant. Before now, although my political views are obvious if you follow me on social media (IG: @phenomenally_jay and @fallinluvwithyourselffirst), I have never discussed politics or religion in detail. 2020 was an unprecedented year. The American people were hit harder than anything I have witnessed in my adult years. Covid-19 remains undefeated as we entered a new year, 2021. As an African American blogger and author-writer, I feel obliged to use my platform to do my due diligence for MY culture.

“ I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me. For those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country.” (Donald Trump, President-elect in 2016; CNN)

Donald Trump failed the American people in many ways, as a result of his ego. In a democracy where the American people should feel free, Trump spent the vast majority of his political career raining havoc on the American people. Donald Trump prioritized to undo many of America’s favorite President, Barack Obama’s policies within the first 100 days of being in office. To put it simple, Donald Trump exceeded to implement many policies than any other president in the history of the United States within his first 100 days, many of which were favorable to him as a businessman; not as President to the American people. On January 20, 2016, Donald Trump signed an executive order to tear down the Affordable Care Act put in place by President Barack Obama for the American people. Ironically, Donald Trump spent his holiday golfing when the American people needed a President. As the clock ran out as many Americans struggled to feed their families, Donald Trump finally signed a Covid relief package in late December that sat on his desk for days. Many American people suffered and struggled through the holidays as he “worked tirelessly”, vacationing. During this short time, many Americans lost benefits that helped them survive 2020. Millions of jobs were lost, hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead and we still are lost. From immigrants being targeted, children separated from their parents to revoking contractors from discriminating against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or identity, gay rights; Trump has never shown a genuine intention to protect the American people. No president is perfect, however, it is in my opinion that Donald Trump was the worst President the United States history. The Trump term as President was very mentally and emotionally draining.

Fast forward to November 2020, the American people fought for our democracy. I felt a weight being lifted. I began to see a positive future for the United States knowing the incoming Biden-Harris administration seeks to heal our broken nation. History was once again made when the people voted to take back our democracy by voting President- elect Joe Biden and Vice President- elect, Kamala Harris. Yes, Kamala Harris will be the first woman of color to hold her position in office but as she stated during her acceptance speech, she will not be the last. Leaders empower, leaders care, leaders listen.

A day I will never forget, January 6, 2021. Our nations Capital was attacked by self proclaimed patriots to take back an election the President encouraged was stolen. One of the most secure locations in the United States was attacked by violent rioters as Congress proceeded count electoral votes to validate Joe Biden’s win. Windows were shattered, lives were lost, members in the Senate chamber were hiding under seats and even evacuated for their safety as the riot continued. 

Rewind to May 2020 to the Black Lives Matter peaceful protest in response to the murder of George Floyd in Washington, DC. People of color were met with chemical irritants and lines of police in full riot gear. No protestors penetrated the grounds. We protested to fight police brutality not because we were sore losers. Donald Trump encouraged his group of loyal supporters to march to our nations Capitol to “take back” the country. How they were able to invade secure areas and endanger many members of the Capitol is still being investigated and is mind boggling to me.

January 13, 2021, President Donald Trump is impeached for the second time. 

The violent riot mob that stormed our nations Capitol and the Black Lives Matter protesters who seek equality are not the same. WE are not the same. 

I am extremely optimistic about the incoming administration. For four years our country has been divided. Now, we have a President for all people. The People’s President. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I am grateful to have witnessed this period with my children. It’s has not only been educational, but has given them the motivation and to take a stand for justice and equality. 

Jasmin Green

Creator, Fall In Love With Yourself First