April Stevenson

When April Stevenson comes across a business idea that interests her she gives it a try with no hesitation. April is a rapper who goes by the name Deelyrics. She is also a singer, producer, author and owns a hair care company. She describes herself as a “down to earth, big hearted, southern black, African, Indian, Cuban lesbian stud woman.”

Life comes with many lessons that helped her on the road to entrepreneurship. April started Dee Rasta LLC after noticing that her locs needed to be cared for differently than other natural hair styles. The market for locs is full of products that contain chemicals that leave hair feeling dry and brittle. Dee Rasta LLC has an all natural loc jam called Dee Rasta Loc Jam. It is made with all natural ingredients. The goal is to provide all types of naturals with hair and skin products that are pure and not full of chemicals. To provide a safer, all natural organic choices for hair, skin, and home. April spends lots of time researching the various issues people have with their hair and skin. As well as learning what causes the major health issues we deal with today. April studies herbs and believes in the medicine that God creates for us. Dee Rasta LLC is for all races and nationalities, but it’s main focus is for people of color. 

Dee also has a love for music. She is a songwriter and producer but eventually became interested in rap. She doesn’t have a particular sound, but says her sound is similar to JayZ and Drake. JayZ has the east coast style with a hint of old school that April loves and Drake has the poetry style that speaks to her soul. So naturally, April is a mix of both of them when she raps. 

In 5 years,  April hopes to open Dee Rasta stores to create avenues for people to have access to natural hair and skin care. April also hopes to create wealth within the black community. She also aims to change the health and cosmetic industry by being an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.

Also, in 5 years she hopes to become a better artist and tap into her deeper creative side. She seeks to make a difference with her music. She is working on a song about what’s going on in foster care and child trafficking. April enjoys playing around with new sounds and letting her creative side take over. The sky’s the limit and she is not interested in limiting herself. 

Outside of music and Dee Rasta LLC, April is partnering with the author of the book, Ready to Love, Shellilyn Marie to create a package of books. The package will have Shellilyns book and April’s book, The End of Systematic Racism, in it. They are also working on a music video for a song that April is writing. The music video will be like a short film.

April has a lot planned for herself. To Get Plugged In with April and Dee Rasta LLC her Website and Instagram.


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  1. MsCheryl says:

    Great Job April, I had faith in you all the time and knew that you would pull it off. You have a heart of gold and know that Auntie Cheryl will always Support and Love You. Congratulations and looking forward to much more.
    Many Blessings
    Love Aunt Cheryl
    W.P.B. Fl

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