Kelvin Apparicio Jr.

Kelvin Apparicio uses his passion to fuel his endeavors. A Plug previously featured Kelvin in an article about his company, Gizmo Tech, a computer repair company. Now he hosts a podcast called The Modern Crwd.

Fixing computers brought joy, fulfillment and income into Kelvin’s life. However, deep down, he wanted something else. His biggest dream was to work in radio. Kelvin has always been a conversationalist and enjoys understanding people’s different sides of the story. Conversation helps him learn and understand the world around him. 

Kelvin built a team of creatives with different experiences and backgrounds. They all enjoy good conversations and look forward to coming together to understand one another’s point of view. 

The Modern Crwd started 2 years ago. Since that time, they have had plenty of interesting conversations. When listening to the podcast, Kelvin wants you to feel like you are sitting with a group of your friends. The conversations are not scripted and not planned.The are genuine without filters. Topics pop up through just talking and expression. Kelvin believes his listeners love the podcast because they feel the authenticity in the show.

Since topics aren’t planned, there is space for the team to talk about any and everything. They do not limit themselves. Kelvin recalls a funny topic on the show when they talked about Women vs Men. Jokes where flying, conversations were flowing. They found out that both men and women can make it big, even if their experiences making it may be different. These are the types of discussions you’ll hear when listening to the show. Make sure you listen to episode 37 to get the tea on what they had to say!

According to Kelvin, the most difficult part of hosting a podcast is consistency. He says you can have all the equipment in the world and the most interesting topics, but you can’t purchase consistency. Consistency is very instrumental in making sure a podcast is successful. The way he overcame inconsistency was by telling himself that if he put one foot in the door then he might as well take the leap to achieving his goal. The time that you spend buying all the equipment you need would be a waste if you don’t put in the rest of the effort.

In 5 years Kelvin looks forward to knowing that you listen to The Modern Crwd on your drive to work, and are making it part of your daily routine. He wants to be able to travel around the world and reach international audiences.

If you are thinking about hosting your own podcast here is some advice from The Modern Crwd’s CEO, “Be true to yourself, don’t try to go down the lane of what entertainment thinks is cool. The real ones know when you are trying too hard”

You can find The Modern Crwd on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and on Google Podcast. You can also visit their website. 

To Get Plugged In with The Modern Crwd be sure to visit their website and their Instagram.


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