Deronda Monique

Grandparents instill traditions and skills in us that can last a lifetime. Sometimes, these skills and traditions turn into a passion that creates careers. For plant enthusiast Deronda, her love for plants was molded by her grandfather.

Deronda is originally from Rochester, NY but grew up in Erie, PA. She grew up in her grandparents’ home. Her grandfather loved nature, animals and people. There was a garden at her grandparents house that her grandfather tended to. This is where Deronda developed her love for plants. At the age of 5, Deronda helped her grandfather harvest fruits and vegetables she also enjoyed eating them.

As Deronda became an adult, she lost touch with nature but found her way back during the pandemic. She enjoys having houseplants in her home and began developing a green thumb. Taking care of plants is a form of therapy for her, bringing her peace. When tending to her plants, she forgets about the chaos of the world. It decreased her depression and anxiety. It also helped her realize nothing in this world is perfect, not even plants. Knowing this helpa her sit back, take a breather and enjoy life the best she can. 

The plants that she sells to customers are hand picked by Deronda but grown in greenhouses by trusted friends located in California and Florida. She does not deliver by hand or ship the plants herself. This is to ensure that the plants are packed correctly and make it to their new homes safely. The types of plants you can find on her site are the famous Money Tree, Snake Plant, Pothos and many more. 

Melanin Planted is a new company, but during a short period of time Deronda has inspired many to become plant parents. Knowing that customers are enjoying being plant moms and dads brings her joy. She also enjoys watching people nurse their plants back to health. Part of the process of taking care of a plant is to learn how to fix mistakes. Her motto is, “if there is green, the plant isn’t dead”. Plants are resilient and beautiful. Deronda believes humans are just the same and are showing their resilience during the pandemic. 

When thinking about becoming a plant parent for the first time, Deronda recommends starting with 1 plant. First, do your research and learn about what plant is best for you. Take time to get a feel for your new plant and the types of environment it likes. Once you’ve gotten the hang of taking care of your one plant, then you can move on to two. If you are struggling with your plant or would like more information about a plant, Melanin Planted does virtual plant consultations on their website. 

When shopping with Melanin Planted, Deronda wants you to feel hopeful, joyful and at peace. Similar to how she feels when she spends time with her plants. She wants you to feel like you are beginning your journey to having your own plant oasis.

To Get Plugged In with Melanin Planted visit her website and her Instagram .


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