Rosa Nicks

Helping others comes naturally to Rosa Nicks. She enjoys helping others and providing hope to those who cross her path. This love led her to all the unique jobs that she does today. Rosa Nicks doesn’t own her own business but she is a powerhouse rocking her own name.

Rosa Nicks works at the library in her community as a Literacy Office Manager. She helps people in her community earn their GED. She also works closely with agencies such as The Salvation Army to coordinate food and toy drives for the holidays. Before COVID, Rosa would volunteer at her library, reading to children. Now, she reads books to the children via Zoom every month. 

Growing up, Rosa learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At Pratt University she ran track and field and was a medalist at the Colgate Winter Games. As an athlete, you have to take extra care of your body making sure you are feeding your body the best of the best food and products. To perform your best, you have to give your body the best. 

When she is out of the office, Rosa Nicks earns extra income at home working as a health and wellness advocate. She does product reviews for a couple of companies sharing her views and results on the products. The companies she works with pay her for her reviews. She hopes to influence others to live a healthy life using their product.

Rosa is also a brand ambassador for Urbn Animal. Urbn Animal was previously interviewed by us. She referred the company to us and locked down the interview. This is one of the many things she does to support the businesses she supports. 

In the future, Rosa hopes that all the work she has done with other companies will help fund the start of her own business. She wishes to have a company that will help to put an end to gun violence as well as support those who have lost loved ones to gun violence. This goal is very dear to her because she lost a friend to gun violence and wants to uphold his legacy through that business.

Rosa Nicks is very passionate about helping others, whether she’s supporting a business or helping everyone live a healthier life. She is someone you would want on your team.

To Get Plugged In with Rosa, visit her Instagram .


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