Tiara Peterson

It’s not easy growing up in a struggling community. Growing up in an impoverished area can mold your outlook of the world. Many look at the world as an opportunity to do better or as an opportunity to better the community around them. 

Tiara Peterson’s childhood wasn’t easy. She grew up in an area that saw a lot of poverty and struggle. She knew there was more to the world than poverty and violence. As a child, she spent a lot of her time going to the library and reading books. Reading allowed her to expand her mind, visit new worlds and think outside the box. She began to have a fresh perspective on life.

At 14, she started working at her first job and became a health ambassador. She traveled to Annapolis, Indiana where she conducted workshops. At the workshops, Tiara educated residents from impoverished communities about how to live a healthy lifestyle and learn how to live successful lives with a low income. She found it interesting to learn about the struggles of people from different communities and how it impacted them. After her time at the workshops, Tiara continued to learn and connect with people by being part of college groups, internships and church functions.

Life Changes LLC was created by Tiara to help communities gain the resources they need to better themselves and live a better life. It gave a voice to the forgotten communities. Since then, she’s expanded her horizon to reach several communities outside of her local community. Now, Tiara conducts fundraisers and attends community events to connect with other organizations. Her fundraisers consist of raffles for Thanksgiving baskets, Easter baskets and food giveaways. She also delivers food baskets, clothes, and toiletries directly to people’s doorsteps. When attending community events, she looks forward to connecting with community based organizations such as Serve Your City, DC Mutual Aid, and So Others Might Eat.  Along with fundraisers, Life Changes LLC offers financial consultations, financial tips, free resources and referral services.

Another way Tiara supports progression in communities is by having discussions with artists, business owners, and models who are impacting their community in a positive way. You can watch these discussions on her Instagram. The goal is to flood her followers’ timelines with positivity and encouragement for individuals who need help achieving their goals. 

In the future, she hopes Life Changes LLC will receive funds from the government so she can provide employment, adoption services and more. Tiara wants her adoption services to provide free services for children who are in foster homes or have been adopted. She also looks forward to fostering a few children of her own to help them prepare for life as they grow. Growing up, Tiara saw a lot of broken homes and noticed many children looked to their teachers and peers to fill the void of having a broken family. Tiara had similar desires while growing up since she came from a single parent home. She aspires to bring families together through positivity and support. 

Tiara can personally relate to the communities she works with. She knows every person she works with by name and is very personable. Her life was hard just like the people she works with and she did not always, “have it together.” She personally knows what it’s like to struggle. Life Changes LLC represents how unpredictable life can be. When life pushes you down you can’t let it keep you down or let that determine who you are. “We must shift our way of thinking in order to make healthy decisions,” says Tiara.

To get plugged in with Tiara and Life Changes LLC visit her website. Also check out her Instagram .


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