Moriya Rose

A rose is made up of many different layers of petals. Moriya Rose is layered just like her last name, Rose. She is an author, spoken word artist, motivational speaker and she owns her own podcast. 

Moriya has created many layers for herself making her a phenomenal entrepreneur. This task did not come easy, for a while she was not sure who she wanted to be. She is still on the journey of self discovery and isn’t afraid to admit that she is still evolving. Moriya says she has found the voice God has given her and she uses it in a positive way to impact the lives of others.

Thinking Out Loud is Moriya’s podcast. The show encourages positive and productive conversation. Thinking Out Loud focuses on empowering as many people as possible, while encouraging them to use their voice in an impactful way. Moriya wants listeners to feel like they are in a safe space without judgement or shame. The podcast discusses a broad range of topics such as domestic violence awareness, black owned businesses, and also spotlights the arts. Thinking Out Loud has a streets edition that supports different events and interacts with the general public.

Moriya’s love of words and engaging conversation inspired her to start her podcast. Words have the power to create engaging conversations. You can always count on Thinking Out Loud to bring you good news and positive conversations. Moriya strives to create a platform where she can combine her two loves to use her voice in a meaningful way. 

While coming up with the idea to start her podcast, Moriya brainstormed about when she wanted her show to start and how long she wanted it to run. She also spent a lot of time thinking about her mission and vision for the show. She put together a team, had a photo shoot and spoke to web developers. The goal was to make sure her show was like nothing else out there. You can guarantee that Thinking Out Loud is completely original, not rehearsed or scripted. The podcasts brings real organic conversations to the table. 

Obstacles are an inevitable part of life. Moriya found it difficult putting a solid, committed and dedicated team together. Finding the right chemistry for her panel took some time. Moriya had to do some adjustments and now has a team that is perfect for her show. Finding the right space for production was also a bit challenging. The home for her show had to be a place of professionalism, order and organization. The owner of the station had to be able to develop a good working relationship with her and her team. Moriya makes sure that throughout her day she uses positive speech and maintains a positive outlook on life no matter what obstacles she goes through. This helps her to be ready for whatever challenges life throws at her. Having a good group of people in her corner also helps her overcome obstacles. These people support her and listen to her ideas. 

Outside of her podcast, Moriya enjoys writing. She has published a book called Solid Broken Wall that she wrote about  4 years ago. She also writes poetry and performs spoken word. 

Moriya is all about positive energy and it shows in her work. She wants anyone who listens to the show or watches it to see and feel the positiveness that they put out. She wants people to engage in conversation and embrace the fact that our words have more power than we realize. She also encourages listeners to use their words to change lives. We are stronger together than we are divided.

There isn’t just one key to success, according to Moriya. Success has many keys. Her keys include humility, determination and drive. She says she’ll never forget where she came from or lose sight of where she is going. Moriya is great to be able to do what she does. 

If you are someone who has similar aspirations as Moriya here is a piece of advice for you. She wants you to be diligent and steadfast. Never change your confession of faith and surround yourself with a good supportive circle. Your circle doesn’t have to be a huge number of people. Don’t let setbacks kill the pursuit of your dreams. Bathe your desire in prayer and stick to God like glue because that’s where manifestation of promise will come from.

To get plugged in with Moriya check out Thinking Out Loud’s website. Add her social media accounts:, Add her social media accounts: Instagram , Facebook , Twitter, and Youtube.


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