Austin Oten

What do you get when you combine a skateboard lifestyle with an urban influence? You get a clothing line called Wrath Brand! This clothing line is full of energy with great colors and designs.

Austin Oten was born in Cleveland, OH and graduated from Central State University. He is a big lover of fashion and style presentation. In 2017,while in school, he thought of designing a skater friendly clothing line. During that time, he didn’t have the funds to get started. He stashed the idea away until he was ready to get started. In 2019, he was able to get his LLC. He started the clothing line on May 24, 2019. 

Wrath Brand has grown significantly in a short amount of time. Austin believes promoting his business daily is what contributed to the company’s growth. He also makes it his priority to invite quality members to be a part of his journey. 

Austin has been married to his wife Beatrice for over a year. They have a 4 year old son named Evin. They are the ones who keep him motivated when times get tough. He wants them to be proud of what he has done with his brand. Austin says God has equipped him to handle tough moments. God and his family get him through low moments and help him remember the positive work he can accomplish. 

Support comes in two different forms for Austin. His immediate family and close friends have all supported his endeavours. They all have either purchased products or shared a post. He has also found that strangers have also supported his brand and have shown they want the clothing brand to go far. Each and every one of his supporters, whether they are family, friends or strangers means the world to him. 

Austin has big plans for Wrath and is determined to achieve them all. Listening to upbeat music gets him in the mindset to get to work. Everyday, he tells himself that it’s time to get work done. He finds this helps him to buckle down and get to work. When he isn’t working, Austin enjoys playing fantasy sports, watching Netflix, and watching anime with quality art and storytelling.

A design that makes Wrath Brand standout is the moon that is featured on select t-shirts and skateboards. The moon idea came from focus groups Austin attended. In the focus groups, he received constructive criticism from individuals who respect him and who have embodied skate culture. 

In 5 years, Austin wants to make his mark in Ohio. He hopes to have a Wrath store that sells authentic Wrath merchandise. He also hopes to have opportunities to travel and do large collaborations with some of his favorite clothing brands. He looks forward to having employees and creating job opportunities for many individuals. 

Wrath Brand is currently selling a select amount of clothing including t-shirts, beanies, crewnecks, long sleeve shirts and more. While you’re browsing for clothes you can also purchase a skateboard to go with your new skateboarder outfit. 

Finding Wrath’s target audience and devoting his full attention to them is what helped Austin build his brand. He believes that’s what every entrepreneur should do. Focusing on people who aren’t supporting you is something an entrepreneur should avoid. That energy could be focused on people who love your product.

To get plugged in with Austin Oten and purchase some merch, visit his website. Also, be sure to check his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Santana Silas says:

    This was awesome! Keep going! So much more to be done and you’re on the right path! #WrathBoyz


  2. Justin Ivanski says:

    Only the beginning !


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