Jnyliah Cutrer

Winners are people who are able to triumph through life shattering times. Jnyliah Cutrer is the epitome of a winner. She experienced the loss of a loved one. This loss didn’t stop her, she found a way to build her business to honor her loved ones’s memory. 

Jnyliah grew up in Oakland, CA. As a teenager she had an interest in beauty products. Her most used beauty product was lashes. She couldn’t leave the house without applying a pair. As an adult she moved Stockton, CA with her boyfriend Desean. On October 21, 2017, Jnyliah was waiting for Desean to come home just like any other day. The couple FaceTimed one another and Desean let her know he was on his way home. Unfortunately he did not make it home; he was killed. The news shattered Jnyliah’s whole world.

In honor of her late boyfriend Jnyliah named her eyelash company by combining their names. Jnyliah’s nickname is Lala and Desean’s nickname was D’fac short for D’factor. She came up with the name L’Fac. The couple was a hard working pair who were working towards living a better life together. With the name L’Fac, Desean’s memory lives on.

L’Fac Lashes is a lash company that sells 3D eyelash strips. The lashes are full of volume giving it a 3D effect. L’Fac has lashes for people who love a dramatic look and also lashes for people who like their lashes to look more natural. She has something for everyone. If you are a beginner, these lashes are perfect for you because they are easy to apply and remove. L’Fac also supplies tweezers that will help with the application process. The tweezers are stainless steel and have a good grip making application a breeze. 

Being a business owner has helped Jnyliah grow and cope with the loss of her boyfriend. Owning a business has strengthened her desire to want more in life. It has molded her into a go getter, doing what she has to do to expand her company. The biggest reward is knowing that she is making her family and Desean proud. This keeps her motivated. Her experiences have taught her that life is short. The best thing you can do is work towards your dreams.

Jnyliah is proud of herself for leaving her comfort zone and pursuing a lifestyle she never even phathomed. She has done events to promote her business and has met new people in the process. Seeing clients wearing her lashes, walking with confidence, and feeling beautiful is the reason she enjoys what she does. Her company was built on love. Love for oneself and love for others. That’s what makes her company stand out. If wearing her lashes gives a person confidence to love themselves then she has done her job. 

Jnyliah wants her customers to know that you are beautiful with or without lashes. If her lashes help you gain a little more pep in your step there is nothing wrong with that. She wants you to feel free to look over the top for a special occasion or going to the grocery store. She respects every single one of her customers and the people who work with her. She hopes that her lashes give them the confidence to live their best life. 

To get plugged in with Jnyliah and her company L’Fac Lashes you can follow her on Instagram .Also visit her website.