Steve Young

Hip Hop is a culture that influences many. Steve Young was influenced by Lil Wayne and 50 cent in middle school and high school. 50 and Wayne’s background are totally different from the way Young grew up. He grew up in Jersey with his mom who is a life coach, though Young didn’t live the life of an average rapper, he still enjoyed the music and that was reflected in his rhymes.

It wasn’t until he was older that his writing style changed. He moved to Philadelphia where he attended Temple University studying to be an architect. In some way following the footsteps of his dad who is a engineer. This is when he started listening to Common. The positivity and optimism in Commons music is what he really enjoyed and felt a connection with. So Young decided to stay true to himself and decided to switch things up with his writing.

Steve Young’s music is all about positivity and originality, and touches on events that have happened in his life. He moved to NY to engulf himself in the culture of Hip Hop that Philly was lacking. Multi syllable rhymes with a mixture of unexpected lyrics is what makes Young’s rapping style stand out. Yes, his rhymes are full of light fun topics but he isn’t afraid to touch on deeper subjects such as politics. Which was the bases for his most recent release, Opportune Displacement. The album was released January 2016 which touched on adaptation and a journey through good and bad. His next album will piggy back from his last and focus on growth following that journey. His visit to Poland will also influence part of the album. While he was there he received positive feedback people there after he did a show. He also had a painting of his featured in a gallery in Poland.

In the future he want to work with other rappers such as ATG who he met at a Power 105.1 showcase. Along with ATG he also wants to work with other artists and do a big song featuring multiple people. Perfecting his technique and playing around with using more complex rhyme pattern is something Young is working on as well. The play Hamilton has been his most recent inspiration to perfect his technique. Young loves what he does and is focused on perfecting his craft and hopes that his fan base grows organically.

His advice to aspiring rappers is to write about what you know. Listen to music as much as possible and make music that you would listen too. Don’t be worried about what others want to hear.

If you would like to reach out to Steve Young, you can hit him up on Instagram @mrfeelyoung or by email,

Check out some of his music videos below.


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