Jay Keels

Life can be filled with many distractions, but will always bring you full circle back to your passions. Keels knows this to be true.

Jay Keels started rapping in middle school. Back then he didn’t know how much music influenced him. At the time, he was only rapping for fun. Music continued to be a big part of his life and he finally noticed that it was his passion.

Keels is a versatile rapper who wants to have at least one song in every genre. He also has big dreams for his career. He would like to start a artist development camp. How dope is that? There are many other ideas he has but you have to stick around to see what else he has in store.

Check out his YouTube channel linked below. Each video on the channel showcases his versatility in flows.

Also check out his Spinrilla to listen to his latest mixtape. Linked below. You can view one of his music videos also below.
YouTube Channel 


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  1. Clay says:

    Check bro out only a matter of time

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