Unapologetically Different

We all may not listen to the traditional radio often anymore because now there are numerous new ways to listen to music and talk shows, such as internet radio. On SoundCloud, you can find a plethora of music and podcasts. One podcast you must listen to is Unapologetically Different. This show is on point, is in season 3, and produces 8 episodes per season.

Unapologetically Different is a podcast created by Kiana Calder and Pierre Labissiere. UD touches on a wide variety of topics including entertainment, wellness and social injustices.

Kiana and Pierre first met a year ago when they worked together. With their different personalities they both noticed that they were the perfect match to create a podcast. Kiana is outspoken whereas Pierre is more reserved. Kiana had the vision for creating a podcast, and Pierre always had a love for listening to podcasts. Before the podcast Pierre was working on his YouTube channel which was focused on wellness and self care. All of the puzzle pieces where available for creating the perfect podcast. UD was launched this year, February 5, 2017.

Unapologetically Different embraces the idea of self expression and being unapologetic about ones opinions. Pierre and Kiana are individuals who express themselves differently. Hence the name, Unapologetically Different. With their differences, it creates a uniqueness to the podcast. There is a realness component that Kiana brings, which can be heavy. Then, there is Pierre who will bring in a funny lighter component to the show.

For the future, the duo is working on the overall quality of their show and working on making each season even better. They are also working toward starting a YouTube channel for the show so their audience can see all the priceless facial expressions Kiana makes, and to interact with their audience on another level. They also plan on hosting networking events as well as raise money for a charitable cause.

Be sure to check out the podcast. Click below, also check out Pierre’s YouTube channel: Pizzle718. Link below as well.

Unapologetically Different



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