Emma Lee Virani 

Emma is the mother of two children. Just like any mother should, seeing any one of her children upset breaks her heart and she would do anything to make things better.

Poetry and songs have always been a passion of hers, even though she never thought she would ever write a book. There was a time that Emma and her family were going through a rough time, and her son would not stop crying. This was the time in her life that influenced her to write the book, The Boy and the Wizard: A Cure For The Tears.

She wrote the book especially for her son to help him get through the rough time, but realized she couldn’t keep the book to herself because so many parents and their children can relate to it. Now there are parents who thank Emma for writing the book because it has helped their children realize what is truly important in life.

The book took about 2 weeks to be written. There were difficulties in getting it published, so Emma decided to self publish her book instead. The journey was not an easy one but it has taken her down the road to writing another book. Emma is currently writing a graphic novel.

Emma will be interviewed by ViaTimes, which is based in Chicago.

You can buy her book on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Buy The Book Here


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