Ant Tha Giant


“Having people vibe out, dance, turn up and sing along to your music has to be one of the most happiest feelings I think I could feel”

ATG has just recently found his calling and his love of music. Since then he has been performing and putting out music non stop. He started creating music in 2012, after meeting a couple of guys at his church who are hip hop artists. ATG always loved music but fell in love with the art of writing music after hanging out with those guys. He eventually started writing his own music. There was no turning back after that, he started buying equipment, recording and really invested himself in his newfound craft.

Eminem was the first hip hop artist that grasped his attention in his younger years, living in the Bronx. That influence is still instilled in him today so much so that you can hear the influence in the music that ATG makes today. Artists such as Ludacris, Kendrick Lamar, Dizzy Wright, Logic and JCole also have a big influence in his musical style. The struggle that most of them went through gives him hope for his future in music.

His very first song he put out was called Crazy (Freestyle) and his style has changed drastically since then. He has progressed in the short 5 years that he has been rapping and is continuing to grow as a rapper everyday.

ATG is not worried about sounding like every other rapper out there, he is his own rapper, which makes him unique. He wants to give you his life through music, he puts his heart into his music. He even puts a little bit of comedy in it as well as some seriousness, and he always brings raw style which he refers to as ATG raw style. There is no doubt that he is very versatile.

ATG feels that no matter what, you should pursue your calling. No matter what dream you are following people will ridicule you, but you should do what makes you happy. “Follow that passion and that calling. There is a reason you were put on that path and called to do it”.  The internet opens up doors for everyone no matter what age, race or gender. “The independent movement does not discriminate and the indy game movement is becoming the new age of how the game is being run”.

Take a listen.

Check out his Soundcloud.



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