Jamilah Nia Hakim-Campbell

Have you ever dabbled in something familiar but yet still new, and had a epiphany that this is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life? That is exactly what Jamilah Nia Hakim-Campbell did when she touched makeup for the first time. Since then she has been doing freelance make up for different types of women, consulting with them to provide them with the perfect look. She has even done makeup for Shay from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Jamilah gives credit to growing up in Savanah Georgia for molding her into the humble woman that she is today. Living in the south with her parents has nurtured her entrepreneurial spirit. Jamilah considers herself to be laid back and always about her money, and knew she wanted her career to be something where she can help others.

It was when she moved to Maryland in 2013 where she knew what she wanted to do. In 2014 she was a contestant for the Miss Maryland USA pageant. This is when she got her hands in some makeup, it opened up her eyes to something new she’d like to try. At the pageant constants either had to pay for a pageant makeup artist, or do it themselves. She decided to learn for herself and headed over to MAC to give it at try. Her experience at MAC inspired her to want to do makeup for others, and learn how to enhance a woman’s beauty from that moment on.

Sultry Makeup Studio stands out because while creating glamorous looks without heavy application, she practices sanitation. She utilizes metal palettes to place products on before makeup application. When applying lipsticks she depots all of them and applies them with a brush instead of directly to the lip, which many other makeup artists aren’t doing.

Jamilah is currently working on making improvements to her website. You can contact her by emailing her Jamilahmua@gmail.com. Also please view her youtube and check out her video below.

Jamilah is pictured with Shay in the tan dress.



Edit: Jamilah’s company now goes by Glam Empire Studio. She now has a Estheticians license and her own studio. She does waxing, facials and makeup. Check out her Instagram .


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