Julius Quinn Holmes IV

Julius Quinn Holmes IV started Career Ready Writing LLC, which is a technical writing consulting firm. He has a love for people and has the ability to find and leverage mutually beneficial relationships.

Julius was raised as a army brat and has been to places such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Panama and Switzerland. Traveling has influenced him greatly, giving him a appreciation for different people and perspectives.

Holmes attended Howard University in Washington D.C, where he studied Political Science and Business Administration. He graduated in 2013 receiving his bachelors degree. During his college years found out that he really did not enjoy politics and was not sure what he wanted to do.

There were three things that inspired Julius to start his own technical writing firm. Ever since he was little he had a knack for being a businessman, he would sell candy, cd’s, trinkets, party tickets and even rocks he found outside. This started his business career at a young age. When he worked at JP Morgan he was not very fond of the feeling of not having any freedom to be himself, which he wanted more than anything. He had a vision for himself, he envisioned himself working as his own boss becoming the vehicle that will take him to millionaire status and absolute freedom.

Career Ready Writing LLC is a firm that writes marketing documents for businesses as well as helping companies increase profits through optimized operations. The company is always adapting its services to cater to the unique needs of each client to encourage a long term customer relationship. In 2016 he landed his first corporate client, which opened up many doors for the firm and helped the business become financially sustainable.

Julius believes that there are 4 keys to being  successful: purpose, passion, persistence and people. A successful person has to know his or hers purpose, why are you doing all this work? You have to cultivate passion everyday and see your vision clearly in your mind to create excitement and focus to keep you going. You have to have persistence to keep going and not quit, you have to keep going despite failures. You need reliable people who can help and support you, to achieve anything of value. “Jesus himself had 12 disciples”.

In the future Holmes will be growing his relationships, experience and reputation in hopes to expose himself to higher paying contracts. He is also writing a book that he knows will take his brand to the next level.

If you are interested in contacting Julius Holmes you can contact him on facebook.com/julius.holmes1 or on LinkedIn by searching Julius Q. Holmes IV. He also has a website careerreadywriting.com which is under construction, but feel free to browse through it.


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