Shay Koloff

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us how important it is to keep your body as healthy as possible. Herbs and holistic healing is a great natural way to keep your body in good shape. 

Shay Koloff dealt with weight gain issues while growing up. Doctors weren’t able to give her solid solutions other than blaming her lifestyle. For years she struggled with cystic ovaries, excruciating cramps and other health issues.

After Shay gave birth to her daughter she found that holistic healing significantly helped her with her health problems in a way that western medicine couldn’t. Becoming a mom kick started her journey to improve her health. She began volunteering in a community garden, studied herbs, and eventually built her own garde. Then, in 2019, Shay started her own business, Zenith Moon Co. 

Zenith Moon Co. is a herbal and holistic healing company. Her mission is to assist people with their alignments naturally. You can heal your mental health, physical health and spiritual health with Zenith Moon Co. You can purchase herbal teas, lemonades, tonics, alcohol free tinctures, oils, sprays and more!

When Shay moved from Oklahoma to Colorado Springs, she wanted a fresh new start for herself, her family and her business. In 2022, she opened a brick and mortar store in Colorado Springs called The Broom Circle Holistic Healing and Tea Room. There you can buy herbs in bulk, body care, crystals, candles and smoke blends. There are tea tastings, and classes of all kinds from art to education. You can find items from local POC artisans as well as handmade local art. 

Shay loves what she does. Every aspect of her business fuels her motivation to get work done. It is part of her healing journey as well as others healing journeys. What she sells comes from the heart and is made with love. Each product is tested to make sure it works the way it’s advertised. Shay finds joy in knowing she’s helping to heal others. 

A work day for Shay is mixed with working at home and at the store.  She has multiple businesses so days can be very busy. While she is at home she spends most of her time on the computer working on online reports, inventory, checking on online orders and attending to web clients. At the store, she is cleaning, stocking, and working with customers and the community.

In Shay’s opinion, the key to success is determination. There will be many challenges and hardships along the path but the ones who succeed are determined to be successful. 

To get Plugged In with Shay and Zenith Moon Co. visit her Instagram . Be sure to also check out her Website. If you are in the Colorado Springs area you must visit her store Store.


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