Tracey Ambrose

Tracey Ambrose was born in Los Angeles County and raised in South Central Los Angeles. She has the skill to create beautiful crocheted pieces. She designs hand crochet accessories and wearable fashions.

Tracey was an excellent student, excelling in all grades. Elementary school is where she found her interest in art after attending art classes and playing the flute in her school’s orchestra. As an adult, art is still her passion. Now, Tracey is a sketch artist, a photographer, and marketing designer.

Growing up, she lived with her mom Wanda, a proud black single parent. Her mom was strict but loving. Unfortunately, her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away at the age of 42. Tracey carries her mom’s legacy by living life to the fullest. She witnessed her mother’s strength, despite her illness. Her mother was a beacon of faith and hope. Her mom’s love of life keeps Tracey encouraged knowing that she can weather any storm. She is also inspired by her two sons, Kirk Jr and Kerrington. Both of her sons are bright with high grades and exude positive energy. 

Tracey is on a mission with her company, Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P (With Revelation and Purpose), to create a space where black fiber artists in the fashion runway and print industries are seen. She strives to open the door for artists to create different crocheted pieces and veer away from traditional pieces. This will expand the territory for black crocheters to thrive unapologetically. 

To get her mind set to have a productive day, Tracey walks 1 mile. This puts her in a healthy state of mind. Walking helps her be more responsive when a problem needs to be solved. It helps her be less reactive and take a moment to think of the best solution. She finds that exercise helps her with her personal and work life.

In the fall/winter, 2022-2023 Tracey looks forward to introducing new pieces to Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P. 

To Get Plugged In with Tracey visit her website, Instagram and Facebook .


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