Dina Kinloch

Being new at anything can have its difficulties. We have all been there where we are trying to navigate our new surroundings, while being unsure of the road ahead. Dina Kinloch is a new photographer who takes every obstacle as a lesson to broaden her horizon as a photographer.

Dina is an only child born in New York and raised in New Jersey who has recently picked up the hobby as a photographer. Before she decided to pursue photography her friends would always mention to her that she would always take so many pictures on her phone. Her love for photography was always there, even before Dina noticed it. A friend of Dina’s fueled the fire to start working on her craft. She started photography because she was inspired by that friend who happened to invested in a camera around the same time she was thinking about purchasing one. They would talk about various topics on photography which encouraged her to explore the art more and get as creative as her heart desires while having fun.

When she isn’t behind the lense, she is working as a nurse. This job can be very demanding, and the toughest obstacle for Dina is finding time to learn and study more about photography. Being a nurse may slow things down a bit but doesn’t stop her. When she does have free time she enjoys working on her art and browsing some of her favorite photographers instagram and other social media pages. This motivates her to get up and work on her photography skills which includes researching the various functions of her camera.

In the short amount of time that Dina has been doing photography she already has a great accomplishment under her belt. A co-worker that she did a photoshoot for used her work in his portfolio that was submitted to a modeling agency. Her co-worker got a callback to book a photoshoot with a major photographer! Kudos Dina, that’s awesome.

When asked what makes her stand out as a photographer, Dina gave a very humble response. She knows that she is new to the game and that there is still more work to be done to really make her stand out. Regardless of that she has a interest in taking different styles of picture, unlike other photographers who seem to have a specific interest and style. Since she is interested in all types of photography, there is no limit for what Dina can do. She tries to take pictures of whatever she can and experiment with getting the types of shots she wants.

The advice that Dina would give to new photographers like herself is to allow yourself to be as creative with your work and not hold back. Art is a form of expression, don’t be afraid to express yourself. You should never compare yourself to anyone else work.

To view Dina’s work or inquire about a photoshoot go to her Instagram as well as her Facebook .

Photograph by Dina Kinloch.


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