Patrice Rivers

At the young age of 9, Patrice Rivers knew she wanted to be a writer. She is now the author of 7 books, the owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand, BlaQ Stardom Mag. She also offers writing and editing services. Patrice Rivers truly has an entrepreneurial spirit!

Wanting to give back to her community, she created That Riverz Gurl Brand. Patrice offers her talent of writing to help others their improve their writing. That Riverz Gurl Brand consists of books, interviews, published works, her magazine BlaQ Stardom Mag, her shop and her writing services. Patrice feels that it is very important to be able to give back by offering her services to help improve people’s businesses.

Writing new articles is part of Patrice’s daily routine. This helps build her skills as a writer. As a multitasker, she is able to prepare interview questions, while writing a new post for her blog. When she is at work, Patrice works on her brand during downtimes. By putting her best foot forward in everything she does, Patrice is able to accomplish goals while connecting with new and existing clients.

When doing business with That Riverz Gurl Brand, Patrice wants her clients to feel like they are getting the best help they need to improve their writing skills and gain exposure for their brand. She does not want to be the face of BlaQ Stardom Mag, but wants African American men and women in business to be the face of it by giving them a platform to share their testimonies and success stories.

Patrice has a good amount of published books under her belt, which has been a very productive factor in her career thus far. Promoting and marketing her own books and social media have been beneficial but still hasn’t been enough to push her brand. This doesn’t stop Patrice from promoting and loving her brand. Positivity goes into her writing which helps her overcome her struggles. This year has been a good one for her, bringing in more support for her Magazine and special promotion she’s created.

That Riverz Gurl Brand has a shop where you can purchase her books, handmade bracelets, and her writing/editing services. You can also have your brand or business exposed by promoting with BlaQ Stardom Mag.

In 5 years Patrice, would like to be a full time writer and author. She would also like to open up her own writing and editing firm. The ultimate goal is to be able to work for herself and have a steady clientele.

To get plugged in with Patrice visit her website . For business inquiries send her an email. Visit BlaQ Stardom Mag to read about some awesome female entrepreneurs. Follow her pages on Instagram That Riverz Gurl Brand and BlaQ Stardom Mag. You can also follow her on twitter.


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