Shelly Robinson

Having something that motivates you in life can be the key that starts your ignition for the journey towards success. Motivation can come from likely and unlikely places. Shelly J Robinson’s motivation comes from being a mom.

Shelly is a wife and mother of two children. Her daughter is 8 years old and her son is 5 years old. Just like any mother, Shelly is always making sure her children have everything they need to be happy and healthy. Even if it means making the ideal product for her child by hand. We all know that finding the perfect over the counter product can sometimes be difficult. This made Shelly decide to take matters into her own hands.

Virtuous Shea Butter was created by Shelly because her daughter suffers from sensitive skin and is allergic to many different things. She has spent countless amounts of money over the years trying to find a product that would heal her daughter’s skin. Many products found in stores were either too thick or her skin didn’t stay moisturized, which is not ideal. Shelly loves shea butter and seldom uses lotion. So she decided to combine her favorite butter with other ingredients. Shelly had done her research on each ingredient used in her products by watching YouTube videos, reading articles online and reading books. By doing this, she was able to come up with the perfect recipes for her butters. There are 8 different butters that are offered. They are naturally scented with no added scents. Shea butter is the base and 7 more oils are added. Each is measured to perfection. Some of the oils she uses are jojoba, avocado and vitamin c. The butters that are available for purchase are: Fresh Air (Tropical), A New Day (Powder Fresh), Powerful (Black Cherry), Miraculous (Mango), The Calm (Lavender), Manifestation (Masculinity) and Inspired (Fruity Oasis).

Shelly takes her customers feedback very seriously and will make sure every customer’s voice is heard. After a customer has received their products, Shelly will follow up with them for honest reviews. Then, she will make changes to her product, or explain to the customer why her products are the way they are. Virtuous Shea Butter products stand out from other shea butter products because of their consistency. The butters are whipped giving them a nice light foamy texture that is not loose like lotion, but not hard like unrefined shea butter. They are the perfect balance! Shelly puts love into her products and makes sure every oil used is beneficial to the skin, and the scents are family friendly. Virtuous Shea Butter also stands out from the rest because her daughter became Vice President of the company after she showed interest in wanting to be an entrepreneur. This pushes Shelly to make sure her business stand out from the rest.

During the beginning stages of starting her skin care line, Shelly had difficulty taking the leap to opening her business. She went back and forth in her mind as to whether she was ready or not. She also found herself making excuses for not starting and why she wasn’t ready. She found herself waiting for everything to be perfect until she realized perfection doesn’t exist. Eventually, she took the leap of faith and opened up Virtuous Shea Butter.

While owning a business can be challenging, being a mom with a business can also pose different challenges. Shelly has come up with ways to balance both. She has had moments of beating herself up wondering if she’s balancing both lives properly. She’s found that praying daily and setting goals helps. Some goals get adjusted to accommodate the things that are important in her life at the time. Reminding herself that her goals are not in vain keeps her going, even if that means crying for a moment.

When times get tough, God keeps Shelly motivated. She reminds herself that God only gives his hardest battles to the strongest people. Shelly believes in prayer, and knows that any situation that she is going through is not permanent if she prays. She will always keep God’s presence first, and will keep his name alive in her business.

Shelly takes pride in knowing that she is building a foundation for her children that they can continue to build on and possibly continue through generations. She gives her all into her business, being a mom and wife. This gives her the superpower of giving the best she possibly can to the people she loves the most, while giving her best efforts into building her business.

Shelly has plans to expand Virtuous Shea Butter with other skin care products she has in mind. Body scrubs may be the product she’ll put out. She says that body scrubs with the right minerals can benefit people’s skin keeping it moisturized and giving it a nice glow. As the business expands, more skin care products will be added to the line. Be on the lookout for new products to come!

To get plugged in with Shelly and Virtuous Shea Butter and her on Instagram or send an email to!


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